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Trading Cards/Sketch Cards

2.5"W x 3.5"H

Choose Single Sided Or Double Sided

Choose from many coating/finishing options!

Suede Laminate 1.5 mil thick is more of a matte look and really awesome "soft touch" feel

Trading Cards/Sketch Cards TEMPLATE


Trading Card Printing

Emerging comic book artists need all the tools they can get to promote their work to the public. Baseball and football cards have always been popular collectibles, but now they have crept into comic book and fantasy fandom as well. Popular trading card games have inspired artists to create their own art to be enjoyed on a smaller scale and collected by fans.

Trading and sketch cards are perfect for conventions, pre-order bonuses, and more. They are 2.5” x 3.5”, so they can easily be included with comic books or other products. They’re great for providing exclusive collectibles to your fans while staying on a budget.

Comix Well Spring has high-quality sketch and trading card printing available with a variety of customization options, including:

  • Single- and double-sided cards
  • Cards with rounded corners
  • Laminated cards
  • Glossy UV-coated cards

Our minimum order quantity is 25, so you can create cards as a small pre-order bonus or order enough for a major convention. We also have a bulk discount so you can save 50% or more when buying large quantities.

Double-Sided Printing

With our double-sided printing, you have the option of making fully-finished trading cards or sketch cards with just your logo. You can print as little or as much as you need to in full color on both sides of the card. We even provide a handy template in PDF or PSD format to help you fit what you need on the card.

Choose from 16pt cardstock or 130# matte paper for a card with the thickness and texture you need. Both options use some of the most durable paper available, but 130# matte paper provides a better sketching surface.

Our 16pt cardstock is even thicker than the cardstock used for most business cards, so you can rest assured that it holds up for years. Your cards should be a memento that your fans can enjoy as they re-read your work time and time again, so we put the work into producing a quality product.

Lamination and Gloss Options

Since sketching on glossy paper is difficult, our sketch and trading cards can be laminated in a variety of ways. We offer traditional gloss laminate, as well as soft-touch suede laminate, which gives a professional finish to your cards that is a little less glossy.

We also have UV coating which provides a beautiful layer of gloss. This coating can be applied to one or both sides of the card instead of laminate. No matter what you decide, you can trust that our laminate does not peel away or wear down easily.

Conventions and More

Artists who visit conventions want to have a variety of goods like signed books and full-color posters available for purchase. Although larger goods are popular with many fans, some fans want something that’s smaller and easier to carry around the convention.

Sketch cards are great for fans who want a memento from their favorite author, but don’t have the funds for a full-size sketch. With sketch cards, fans can request a drawing of their favorite character, which is great for series with many popular characters. Sketch cards can also be completed much faster than larger sketches.

Trading cards are a good product for artists with well-loved characters and eye-catching art. Whichever you decide to sell, we can provide the quantity you need at an affordable price point for you and your fans.

Pre-Order Bonuses

While most fans are eager to pre-order books, shoring up pre-orders is always good for business. Including exclusive swag with pre-orders is a great way to do this. Our trading cards and sketch cards are inexpensive enough that they can reward fans without breaking your budget.

Trading cards make amazing pre-order swag or other bonuses for fans. They’re especially eye-catching for fantasy and sci-fi series with highly detailed character art. Make multiple cards available for a given pre-order, or create a unique card for each issue.

Sketch cards also work well for this, especially if you are releasing a longer graphic novel and can put the time into creating each card. They make even better giveaway prizes, especially since they are unique. Like with sketch cards at conventions, fans love requesting art of their favorite characters.

Comic Printing Leaders

At Comix Well Spring, we know the importance of communicating with indie comic creators and giving them the best experience possible. Our customer service team can answer any questions you have about paper thickness, ink, gloss, lamination, and other options. We can also help you fix formatting and avoid misprints.

We have some of the fastest printing times in the industry and can accomodate rush orders and express shipping. Our standard turn-around time is two weeks, once you’ve approved your digital or physical proof. We are easy to reorder from when you need more cards.

We are your one-stop-shop for comic books, graphic novels, posters, banners, and other custom printed goods to promote your stories. Whether you’re a comic convention veteran or are just getting started in publishing, we can help you create beautiful products and swag for your fans.



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