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Product Features

  • Flat dimensions (before assembled): 23.25"W x 18.5"H

  • Folded/assembled dimensions: From 7.75"W x 11.125"H up to 9"W x 11.125"H

  • Folded/assembled thickness: From .75" thick to 1.5" thick

  • Can hold books with a finished size up to 9"W x 11"H


Why Use Protective Comic Mailers?

You don’t want to send your readers damaged, beat-up comic books as a comic book seller. You've worked hard to create unique storylines and artwork that deserve careful packaging that protects their worth.

Without appropriate packaging, your comic books can experience rips, tears, and other damage. Damaged comic books leave your readers disappointed and can disrupt their enjoyment of your work.

To prevent damage to your comics, use high-quality packaging to ship your comics, so they arrive as brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged items. Keeping a comic in good condition allows the piece to retain and even increase its value.

One in ten packages becomes damaged during shipping, usually because of inadequate packaging. For online sellers and self-publishers, shipping damaged items can negatively impact your relationship with your readers or customers. If you put time and effort into writing and illustrating a comic masterpiece, damage to your comic due to weak and unstable packaging like a legal envelope can cause disappointment for you and your readers.

Affordable Mailing Solution

Comic mailers and boxes from Comix Well Spring are an accessible solution for shipping comics. They help protect your comics from bends, tears, and other damage by providing a durable, enclosed environment during shipping.

We value your finished printed comic book or graphic novel as a professional comic book printer. We don’t want that final print looking anything less than perfect when you ship your books to a reader or a comic shop. That’s why we offer you an affordable cardboard mailing solution that you can use to send your comics in a protected manner.

Protecting your comic from bends during rough shipping is essential to maintain reader satisfaction. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as receiving an issue with wrinkle-free comic book edges. With Comix Well Spring cardboard mailing boxes, you can ensure a crisp comic book upon arrival to your readers.

Using Our Cardboard Mailer

Our shipping boxes have a secure design and are easy to assemble. Their innovative design and high-quality corrugated paper help to protect your comic from bends, rips, tears, or spinal damage. Our comic book mailers can safely hold all graphic novel and comic book sizes up to 9"W x 11"H.

Use our cardboard comic mailer to ship different quantities of comics, from single issues to multiple copies at once. When you use boxes to ship comics, you can also place your work in a plastic sleeve for an extra layer of protection.

A plastic comic book sleeve is made from quality material resistant to moisture. Poly mailers are typically used for comic storage and safeguard your printed book against inclement weather. Plastic sleeves are perfect for shipping your comics in rain, snow, or ice. Using a plastic sleeve in addition to placing your comic in cardboard gives it a double form of protection. It can also help you keep your shipping costs down because you won’t have to spend extra money on re-delivering damaged comic books.

You can order your comic book mailers with a blank design so you can place your logo and stickers to promote your brand. Alternatively, you can order shipping boxes with the Comix Well Spring logo on them so that your readers know you use a professional comic book printer to self-publish your comics. If you choose this option, you’ll also enjoy a discount on your order.

Our comic mailers have a minimum order of just 25 boxes and qualify for our rush delivery option, so you can cut down on delivery times and begin shipping your comic books as soon as possible.

Whether you use cardboard shipping boxes or increase protection with a plastic sleeve, our goal is to help you get your comics to fans safely and undamaged. For more information about using a cardboard comic book mailer, plastic comic sleeve, or any comic products, call Comix Well Spring today at (734) 927-0044.

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    Another bow in the quiver!

    Posted by Tyrone "TYR" Jackson on August 12, 2021

    I'm adamant about sending the best-looking product to the Chimera Kingdom...that's what I call The SoVerse (SoveReign Comics) Community. I had found a way to do that, shipping comics across the world in a way that wouldn't ruin the products. I've always wanted to use Gemini mailers because I knew they were rugged and could protect the comic from bends. However, they were always too large for my poly mailers, which I use to protect the product from the weather. Then...Comix Well Springs graces us all with a mailer similar to the Gemini mailer but of their own style and smaller. I did a test with this to make sure that it could fit the number of books that I have in my library at the moment (it does) and a test to make sure that the mailer fits in my poly mailer, and you guessed does! I've said it before, and I'll repeat it, this company knows how to treat the small press/indie, comic creator. They know what we need to stay on top and crank out great products to our communities. I've worked with Comix Well Springs since 2016, and I plan to continue this relationship with them because now...they're making this a one-stop-shop for me. Highly recommended!

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