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Print your crowdfunding project with CWS and get 10% off! *Or get 15% off when you choose Crowdfundr as your crowdfunding platform.

**We've running a promotion with Crowdfundr, a creator-friendly crowdfunding platform. Add 5% to the crowdfunding print discount when you use Crowdfundr to run your next epic crowdfunding campaign. Rules below still apply. Be sure to read this entire page.

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Rules

* To receive the discount code, you must follow these ground rules. NO exceptions. 

No post-campaign discounts.

 If your crowdfunding campaign has already been launched or fully funded before you connect with us, you are not eligible for this program. You must submit your initial request (a link to your unpublished campaign containing the provided image below) BEFORE you launch your crowdfunding campaign.

One discount code is good for one print order.

Regardless of how many crowdfunding platforms you use to crowdfund your book(s) and other printed material, you'll receive only one discount code for that crowdfunding campaign print run. See the process below for all communications details and how to qualify for the discount.

Use your discount code in 60 days or less. 

 The discount code provided to you after your campaign succeeds expires 60 days after you've received it.

Learn how to get started below. 

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Process
CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Step 1

BEFORE you launch your campaign.

Download the image below and plug it into your campaign page. Location is up to you, but it must be visible. 

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Image

*IMPORTANT: Coupon limited to use only one time on one order and not combined with other coupon codes. 

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Step 2


CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Step 3


Once your campaign (completely) ends in success, email and let them know your campaign has been fully funded.  

IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you are planning to use us for fulfillment services (packaging and shipping your backers their rewards), you must properly fill out this Fulfillment Spreadsheet with all the required information. 

Once confrimed, you'll recieve your dedicated discount code.

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Print Options
CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Printing Features

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Popular Backer Gifts

CWS Crowdfunding Discount Program Fulfillment

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