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Micro-Perf Protective Covers

Benefits of the new micro-perf cover sheets.

At Comix Well Spring, we consistently seek innovative ways to better protect and preserve your books during the process of packaging and shipping. That's why we've improved our standard by replacing the indivudal slip sheets we were placing in between each boxed comic book with new easy-to-remove, protective micro-perforated cover sheets. 

Helps preserve mint condition covers.
Easy to remove.
Harmless to your books.

In addition to becoming an extra layer of protection, these new micro perforated covers also help us get your books packaged and shipped quicker, with less handling. 

We want your books to be in mint condition for your customers and collectors.

Removing The CWS Protective Micro-Perforated Cover

1. Locate the micro-perf on the spine edge of the comic, and start by making a small tear at the top.

2. Open the protective cover completely and continue the tearing of the protect cover until the front half is fully removed. 

3. Securely hold the other half of the protective cover on the back and swiftly pull away from the spine.

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