Foil Options

Full Foiling

Full foil simply means we'll print your full-color image over our printable silver foil to give it a full shine! This can be applied to comic covers and promotional printed items. 

Spot Foiling For Comics

Spot foiling is a great way to make individual parts of your comic book cover art unique and really stand out! For example, the comic's title!

Spot Foiling for Printed Promo Items

Grabbing attention and making connections at events is important. Adding a shine to your business cards, trading cards, posters, etc., can really help you be remembered.

> For Comics - Currently, Front And Back Covers!

> For Promotional Printed Items - Business Cards, Trading Cards, Posters, Flyers, Bookmarks, Stickers

> At minimum, 80# gloss cover (which is considered our “standard cover”)

> We can use foil on glossy or matte card stock.

1. Printable foil - This option is where we foil your whole cover image, but we only foil where there is print/ink, so the blank white paper shows through on the blank white areas of the final print. There is no extra step for you in the design process to add this feature.
Basically, if there are any spots on your cover that are white and you don’t want them to be silver, you will want to choose this option.

12PT Holo-Chrome cover - This is where the whole sheet is covered in foil, so there would be no white. Anywhere on your image that has a negative space or white would have the silver foil showing through with this option. This cover is very cool because it has more of a rainbow/iridescent look to the foil. There is also no extra step for you in the design process to add this feature.
This option will be under the “Cover” when creating your order on a product page, as it's a special paper we use.

Adding spot foil to your artwork can add an awesome head-turning touch to your printed comic essentials.

Here are the foil colors we currently offer!

Basically, if you want to add spot foil to your artwork, you'll send us multiple seperate files of your artwork.

1. One file will be your full-color artwork. 

2. The other file(s) will be the exact same artwork, but with your selected foil areas overlaid in black. This will help us determine where you want your foil to be. 

To make it really simple, here is a free step-by-step guide to help you out! If you're still having trouble with understanding the process, feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to talk you through it.

Select the foil and color option when placing an order.

Upload your multiple files (file for each foil layer).

Submit your order and we take care of the rest!

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