Why Banners Make Perfect Outdoor Ads for Local Small Business

18th Feb 2021

Why Banners Make Perfect Outdoor Ads for Local Small Business

Why Banners Make Perfect Outdoor Ads for Local Small Business

18th Feb 2021

Getting the word out to local customers about your small business is a challenge, especially if you’re on a small budget. Your marketing campaign needs to reach the broadest target audience possible with cost-effective and eye-catching designs.

Vinyl banners make an incredibly effective marketing tool if you hang them in a high-traffic area. They’re perfect for keeping on hand for trade shows and other events, but are stellar for everyday use as well. With their balance of size, durability and cost-effectiveness, they’re accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Inexpensive One-Time Cost

Many forms of advertising require ongoing monthly or annual fees. Print ads, radio ads, billboard space, and other forms of advertising that require other people’s space charge you, even if their service results in few or no new customers. Social media is free, but you won’t reach a wide range of potential customers without ongoing paid online advertising.

full-color vinyl banner is a one-time cost that can last for years. Even if your business is on a rented property, most landlords allow you to place a banner somewhere on the property as long as it doesn’t take up too much space. They want your business to succeed so you can keep paying rent, so have a conversation with them about possible locations that maximize your visibility.

Plus, you can move your banner if needed to attract more customers without incurring additional fees. For example, you might discover that it’s more effective to hang your banner closer to an intersection or bus stop, and you can just untie it and move it as long as you have permission to hang it there.

Easy to Move

Banners are designed to be easy to hang in a variety of locations. Although they are available without grommets, we highly recommend ordering them with grommets added for maximum flexibility in how you display and use them.

Banners are available in multiple sizes to make them easier to fit anywhere. Once you’ve picked your location, just tie up two or more corners of the banner to a sturdy, flat surface. Although tying up four corners is best for keeping the banner’s surface fully visible to the public, tying two corners works in environments that aren’t too windy.

You can also take them inside when you need to protect them from severe weather or for an indoor event. They’re an excellent investment for your current and future advertising needs.

Banners Benefits

Highly Durable

Vinyl is more durable than the lightweight plastics used in plastic bags and other disposable goods. A good outdoor vinyl can hold up for years against a variety of weather. Although it’s wise to bring your banner inside during inclement weather, it generally does not need to be brought inside during rain and snow.

The color printing on your vinyl resists fading from the sun’s UV rays as well if you partner with an experienced printer who uses high-quality equipment. Printing technology has improved significantly in recent years, so it’s now possible to get a banner that stays bright for years.

Other inexpensive outdoor advertising, including small plastic yard signs and paper flyers, typically get damaged more easily. Although small paper flyers are fantastic for handing out to people directly and full-color posters are great for posting indoors, vinyl banners are the best for long-term outdoor use.

Getting Started

As long as you follow good design principles and use a large enough font to be legible, you can add any information you need for your new banner advertising your business. Include services or products you specialize in and your company logo for a bold design that conveys necessary information at a glance.

Once your design is ready, order your banner from Comix Well Spring for the best in full-color banner printing. We provide sizes ranging from 5’ x 2’ to 10’ x 4’ so you can create a large enough banner to attract customers outdoors.

We provide a variety of printed marketing goods like flyers, posters, bookmarks, and more. We have low order minimums so local businesses can reach their goals without breaking their marketing budget. Place your order today or call us at (734) 346-7864 if you have questions.

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