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How Custom Comic Books Are Good for Your Business

March 1, 2022

How Custom Comic Books Are Good for Your Business

How Custom Comic Books Are Good for Your Business

March 1, 2022

Comic books aren’t just for kids anymore. The overwhelming success of movies based on Marvel Comics and DC Comic-themed television series proves that everyone loves a good superhero story arc. You can leverage comics’ newfound mainstream popularity into a successful marketing strategy for your business.

Marketing materials in custom comic book form make sales copy more palatable and engaging for your target demographic. You can also communicate more information about your product or service with complex stories and custom characters. Discover why an action-packed custom comic book is the right choice for your business.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Comic Book for Your Business?

There are numerous benefits to using a custom comic book for your business, rather than standard flyers or brochures. An engaging comic book can captivate your target audience and help them better understand the services you offer. Some additional benefits include:

Stand out from the crowd

Going through your mail and finding a comic book advertisement is more pleasant than a typical flyer. Because this marketing method is unique, you will separate yourself from your competitors, making consumers more likely to remember you and your product or service.

Comic books appeal to a broad audience

Comic books’ universal appeal makes them a practical marketing tool. Comic books are automatically appealing to a wide range of people. Comic books offer a bright, colorful story to grab the reader’s attention and their images are easier to digest than long paragraphs of information.

Additionally, comic books, specifically superhero-themed comics, have a light-hearted, uplifting quality that can help stir up interest in your company’s mission. In most comics, good wins out over evil, which is a theme that resonates with everyone.

You can reach a new audience

If you send out a custom comic book instead of a mailer, people will talk about it, even people who may not have previously considered your product or service.

Word-of-mouth advertising is one of the best types of marketing. Trust is a crucial element in attracting new customers.  According to a Nielsen study, 92% of consumers rely on suggestions from friends and family more than they do traditional advertising.

You’ll communicate your services more effectively

Comic books work as a genre because they tap into two powerful tools: storytelling and images. Stories capture the heart, and pictures draw the eye, meaning what you have to offer will stick in readers' minds.

You can use comic books or comic strips to notify customers about upcoming sales or company events. You can also release a comic book in serial format each time you have a new product to offer.

What Does a Comic Book for My Business Look Like?

To successfully create a custom comic book for your business, you must carefully consider the publication’s format and content. The design and layout of your comic can help make your story more engaging and easier to read, while the content needs to be a balance of informative and entertaining.


The story you create should subtly feature your product or service. The hallmark of a great advertisement is one the audience doesn’t even realize is an ad. Keep the story short and funny to maximize the effectiveness of the comic book format.

For example, maybe you sell insurance, so your comic book is about the aftermath of a battle between a superhero and their mortal enemy.


The layout refers to the panels, speech bubbles, captions, and other structural elements that make up the visuals in a comic book. Panels are the most fundamental element of any successful comic and are crucial to get right to ensure your story or message gets across to your audience.

Each panel should have a focal point that drives your story forward. The illustrations within the panels must be positioned in a way that isn’t visually jarring while still allowing room for captions, speech bubbles, and sound effects. Most standard U.S. comic books use a six-panel layout with horizontal and vertical panels. Vertical panels should have focal points that are center or slightly off-center. Horizontal panels should have a focal point that is dead center or slightly above or below the panels midline.

If you are planning a short comic strip, you have limited space to tell a complete story. However, comic strip design is relatively simple because it only uses several horizontal panels.

Create and Print a Custom Comic for Your Business with Comix Well Spring

Comix Well Spring can help you implement your comic-based marketing strategy. We offer free templates compatible with InDesign, Photoshop, and Adobe to make it easy to design your comic. We also provide resources on comic book writing to help you get started.

Get your business comics printed on high-quality white offset paper with durable saddle stitch binding. We also offer generous discounts for bulk orders. Contact Comix Well Spring today to boost your business’ marketing campaign with a run of custom comics.

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