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  • Saddle stitch binding (staple binding)
  • Interiors printed on 60# bright white offset paper
  • Interior page counts from 8-64
  • Standard covers printed on 80# Gloss cover cardstock 
  • Sketch covers printed on 80# Matte bristol cover stock (bright white)
  • B&W books include color covers (interior of covers are color as well)
  • B&W books do print in grayscale as well


Saddle Stitch Binding

Comic book printing includes a variety of formats, sizes, and paper types. The best option for your creation depends on a number of factors. For most short comics, saddle stitch binding provides a cost-effective and professional result.

Difference Between Saddle Stitch and Perfect Binding

Saddle stitch uses two small wire staples to secure the book together. Because of how these books use sheets that are folded and printed on the front and back, saddle stitch books must have page counts in multiples of 4.

Saddle stitch is best for shorter comics between 8 and 64 pages, as it is limited to around 16 sheets of paper. Including the covers and inside covers, this creates a total count of 68 pages of the book.

Higher page counts are typically too difficult to staple together in this way. Instead, higher page counts may use square binding, which creates a flat, square spine.

Square bound books sometimes use staples, but at Comix Well Spring, our square binding uses glue in a printing technique known as perfect bound books. This technique is a better option for books up to 260 pages. However, saddle stitch is cheaper per page, so saddle stitch booklets are better for short comic issues.

Durability and Speed

Our saddle stitch binding is secure and durable, so your readers can enjoy their comic for years to come. Although our saddle stitch method only uses staples and no glue, it uses thick staples and high-quality paper to create a lasting product. Your art can remain beautiful for years, whether you’ve drawn in grayscale or published a sweeping full-color adventure.

Saddle stitch books from Comix Well Spring use 60# bright white paper on the inside, and 80# glossy paper for the front and back cover. Sketch covers are available with 80# matte Bristol board. Whichever cover paper you choose, you can rest assured that all of it holds up to general wear-and-tear as your comic is cherished by readers.

Even if you place a rush order, you can still get the same high-quality saddle stitch binding. Our standard printing turnaround is 2 weeks, but we offer faster options if needed. Our comic service can keep up with your timelines, even if you’re a veteran artist with a large fan base.

How to Get a Comic Book Printed

Whichever binding option you choose, the basic steps are still the same. Upload your black and white or full-color comic pages in 300 dpi resolution, with each file correctly formatted and labeled with its page number. Let us know whether you want a digital proof or a physical proof, and check it carefully to ensure your colors and margins will print correctly.

Sit back and leave the rest to us. Instead of struggling to print out your comics at home and staple them one by one, let us use our advanced printing technology to deliver professional saddle-stitched results.

The Best Comic Book Printing Services

Comic book makers specialize in this kind of high-resolution printing with low page counts. A standard book printer might only give good results for textbooks, or for books with higher page counts with perfect binding. let our team use their specialized knowledge to print comics for you with less hassle.

Comix Well Spring is a high-quality book printing service that specializes in black and white and full-color printing. We can print your comic book with saddle stitch binding in a matter of days, and offer fast and reliable turnaround.

Our books consistently receive rave reviews from our users, regardless of which binding method they chose. We are a subsidiary of Greko Printing, a printing company with years of experience, so we have the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver the stunning comics you deserve.


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