Comic Book Corner: Where Do I Start?

5th Aug 2021

Comic Book Corner: Where Do I Start?

Comic Book Corner: Where Do I Start?

5th Aug 2021

If you’ve never read a comic book before, the idea of picking one up might be exciting and intimidating at the same time. While the vibrant illustrations and famous characters draw you in, the number of comic books niches and formats to choose from can be overwhelming.

Despite the initial confusion, reading comic books is a wonderful and exciting hobby. There is always a new set of characters to meet or a storyline to enjoy. You’ll never be bored as a comic book fan, and there are lots of other people with whom you can enjoy your hobby. As you begin reading comic books, keep the following helpful tips in mind.

  • Make a List of Comics You Know
    A helpful first step to take in getting into comic books is to make a list of familiar graphic novels or comic book series. Chances are you already know at least one Marvel comics character or a popular series like the Walking Dead or Preacher that have a big TV following. This list can give you a familiar place to start.
  • Start With Free Comics
    When you are just starting out, don’t spend a ton of money on comics. Opt for free resources instead. Visit your library to borrow graphic novels, ask a friend to lend you a copy, or try free online comics to get an idea of what you like.
  • Visit a Local Store
    At some point, you’ll want to visit your local comic book store. There you can browse new releases, talk to a few people who know about comics and sign up for mailing lists that will alert you to when a new comic is released. You can also find information about upcoming comic book events that you may want to attend. 

    Marvel Heroes Comic

  • Join a Comic Book Community
    Joining a comic book community connects you with like-minded individuals who can help guide you on your literary journey. Whether it is a local in-person group or an online community like the Book Corner, comic books are much more enjoyable when you are part of a fandom. 

Beyond Reading Comics

Reading amazing comic books can unlock your inner storytelling or creative artist. If you start to get ideas about your characters or a unique storyline, explore how to create your own graphic novel.

When your graphic novel is ready for printing, use Comix Well Spring’s easy online system to choose paper specifications and a binding type for your book. For graphic novels, we recommend our square-bound paperback option. It holds up to 300 pages and uses 60# bright white paper, which is long-lasting and allows your illustrations to shine.

Deepen Your Love of Comics

Once you start reading comics, you’ll never give it up. You’ll grow to appreciate the art of comic book storytelling and the artistry that goes into bringing the characters and their worlds to life. If you ever feel the pull to make your own comic book or graphic novel, consider using Comix Well Spring when it’s time to publish your work.

Visit our blog for helpful articles about comic book creation, or give us a call, and we can help you get started on the publishing process.

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