Thinking of Self Publish Comic Book or Graphic Novels?

June 19, 2020

Thinking of Self Publish Comic Book or Graphic Novels?

Thinking of Self Publish Comic Book or Graphic Novels?

June 19, 2020

Comics and graphic novels are nearly limitless in the number of stories they can tell. Every detail of a world can be quickly conveyed with the combination of art and text that comics use.

Self-publishing Comics has been a revolutionary way of printing new voices and original ideas, and indie creators are now more popular than ever. If you’re a comics enthusiast, you can easily create a comic with a little practice and careful planning.

Honing Your Art Skills

Drawing a comic book doesn’t require perfect art skills, but your readers need to be able to clearly read your characters’ movements and emotions. Backgrounds and objects in each scene need to be accurately rendered, too.

Drawing software often includes models of people and objects to help you draw more accurately, but these aids are no substitute for expressive drawing skills. No matter what style you use, practice a lot before setting to work drawing a comic. The investment of time is necessary in order to get the best final product possible.

Writing and Planning for Self Publishing Comics

Next, get to work writing and planning your series. Brainstorm an overarching plot and characters, write a script, and draw character models to make sure your art remains consistent throughout the series.

Start relatively small with a single-volume graphic novel or a comic that only runs for a few issues. If you and your readers love the idea, then work on expanding it into a longer series. Even professionals often start with a pilot series of just a few issues, so make sure not to over-commit to an idea.

Use storyboards and sketches to ensure your story fits into the number of pages or volumes you want. Once you’re satisfied with the content and flow of the story, it’s time to start inking and coloring.

Digital or Traditional?

Most modern comics use Photoshop or specialized comic software like Clip Studio Paint to complete at least some of the art. These programs make it easy to import sketches and draw the inked final product on top. The ability to undo and adjust lines and panels allows artists to make last-minute fixes and changes without requiring hours of work.

However, some artists are more comfortable using traditional methods for inking, and only using imaging software for cleanup. This may be a more viable option for black and white or grayscale art, which allows errors to be fixed more easily.

Getting Ready to Print

Once your comic is ready, it’s time to double-check the formatting. Use the digital templates from your printer to make sure all art fits inside the bleed and trim areas appropriately. If you’re printing a web comic, your print version may require some trimming and resizing.

There is a range of gloss, trim size, and color options available, and the right printing options for you will depend on the genre and your readers’ budget. Some comic enthusiasts expect full-color comics in standard comic or magazine size, while others are happy to read black and white graphic novels on uncoated paper.

Your printer will provide you with a digital or physical proof so you can make sure everything fits and has accurate colors. When the proof is approved, your full order will be printed and shipped as soon as possible.

Self-Publish Your Graphic Novel

Promotion and Marketing

Once your comics are complete and ready for purchase, let all your friends and family know on social media. If you’re already been active in the broader comics community for a while, you will likely find many people interested in your story.

You’ll also want to promote in-person to other comics fans as much as possible. Use conventions to network and sell your comic, but make genuine connections with other artists and writers. Remember that other creators are potential collaborators and promoters, not your rivals.

What Readers Want

It can be tempting to try to tailor your comics to a particular genre and target audience, without considering what you really want to write. Remember, that readers are always open to new and innovative stories that are told from the heart.

You can bring your clever and original story to life by partnering with a printer that delivers gorgeous, high-quality prints at a price you and your readers can afford. Comix Well Spring is experienced in printing comics and provides the tools you need to easily format and self publish your own comic book.

Our standard production time is 14 days, and we have express options available for printing and shipping as well. Our full range of customization options and accessories like banners and flyers makes us your one-stop-shop for comics printing and promotion. Contact us with any questions about our process and how we can serve you.

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