How To Make Unique Bookmarks

August 22, 2022

How To Make Unique Bookmarks

How To Make Unique Bookmarks

August 22, 2022

Making a unique bookmark is an excellent way to market your project, business, or organization. Despite their small size, bookmarks serve as marketing tools that are portable, practical, and promotional all at the same time.

Designing and printing your own bookmarks is a straightforward process that you can complete in just a few weeks, allowing you to market yourself at trade shows, comic book fairs, and other conventions or events.

Learn how to make unique bookmarks and how you can get your finished product in as little as two weeks with Comix Well Spring.

How to Make Unique Bookmarks Step-By-Step

You can follow a few simple steps to make a unique bookmark for your comic book project, organization, or business.

Identify Your Bookmarks’ Purpose

Before you design your bookmark, identify its purpose. What message are you trying to deliver? For example, if you have just written a comic book or graphic novel, you may want to hand out bookmarks with each copy that promote your author’s website or other published works.

If you work for a non-profit organization, you may use paper bookmarks to raise awareness about a cause such as literacy or autism. If you own a business, you may hand out bookmarks that detail your services, office locations, and contact information.

Design Your Bookmarks

Once you define your reason behind handing out a bookmark, you can work on the design. Before working on lettering, images, and colors, download a free printable template from a printer like Comix Well Spring to ensure your design is the right size and fits on the bookmark.

Comix Well Spring offers bookmarks in three sizes, 2” x 6”, 2” x 7”, and 2.5” x 8.5”, so choose the one that you prefer and design it with this size in mind.

Bookmarks are fun and super easy to design. You can draw your bookmark by hand or use one of several online or digital design programs. You can use a program like Canva, a graphic design platform with several free features, or you can opt for a standard design program like Adobe Illustrator.

Print Your Bookmarks

After you’ve finished your bookmark design, choose a professional printer to order your final product. Look for a printer like Comix Well Spring that offers fast turnaround times for exceptional products. To order your bookmarks for printing through Comix Well Spring, visit our bookmark product page and follow easy ordering instructions.

First, choose your bookmark quantity, between 25 and 1,000, and your size. Then, choose between single-sided or double-sided bookmarks, depending on your preferences, and between 16 PT coated, 130# matte, and 12 PT holo-chrome card stock for the bookmark. Finally, decide on U.V. coating, round or square corners, and several laminate options.

From here, you’ll provide your artwork and opt for a shipping time. Comix Well Spring offers standard (around 14 days), rush (7 to 13 days), and lightning fast (2 to 6 days).

Distribute Your Bookmarks

After you receive your bookmarks, you can distribute them to your audience. Bookmarks are a great gift to receive with a favorite book, so consider shipping one out with each copy of your comic or graphic novel you sell. You can also give them as swag gifts at conferences or conventions for your business. Creative uses for bookmarks can also include:

  • As a save-the-date for a wedding or other special event
  • As a birth or graduation announcement
  • To market your writing, editing, photography, or graphic design services
  • As a gift to commemorate an event, like a reunion or car show


Benefits of Professionally Printed Bookmarks

Professionally printed bookmarks offer several benefits over other types of marketing tools. For example, bookmarks are easier to transport than large signs, banners, or cardboard standups which work to market your book or business at events. They are cost-effective, allowing you to purchase as few as 25 and as many as 1,000, depending on your needs.

The biggest benefit of creating unique bookmarks is that they serve a practical purpose. Recipients can use their bookmark when reading books, graphic novels, comic books, and other media. Every time they use the bookmark, they will glance at your message, which works in your favor for raising awareness or giving fans a way to reach you.

Order Your Bookmarks From Comix Well Spring

Whether you want to print bookmarks to market your comic book, advertise your services, or mark an important date, visit Comix Well Spring for a professional end product. Along with bookmarks, we can help you market yourself with flyers, posters, and tablecloths, so you come fully prepared for your next big event.

Call us at (734) 927-0044 with questions about our services, and browse our blog to get more ideas about creating and marketing comics and graphic novels.

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